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Hi. My name is Sally Hall and I write YA. In 2019 I was shortlisted for the Varuna Publisher Introduction Program (I was also shortlisted in 2016). In 2014 I won a PIP Fellowship for a young adult manuscript. In 2013 I was awarded the CBCA NSW Charlotte Waring Barton Award which included a mentorship with Penguin Books Australia. I've had magazine and short stories published in various anthologies and placed in many competitions. I also write in a corporate capacity for my 'day job'. My website is www.sallyhall.com.au.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

CYA Conference

The CYA Conference competition for aspiring writers is now open for 2015.

There are categories for:
  • Picture Book - Preschool aged children
  • Picture Book - Primary aged children
  • Picture Book - Non Fiction (for primary aged children)
  • Chapter Book - Young primary aged children & older children categories
  • Young Adult
Get writing people!
This is an excellent competition to enter because unlike many others you are provided with feedback on your work.

Feedback is generated for entries in the form of judges marking sheets and are emailed to all entrants. Getting an opinion from a judge is invaluable to a writer, especially for people just starting out.

I was lucky enough to receive third placing in 2011 and a highly commended in 2012 and attended the conference in 2012. The confidence boost from receiving a place is incredible and it gives you something to include on your writing CV but even if you aren't selected in the short list it is a good experience just to get your manuscript polished and follow the entry instructions.

The entry fee is $18. For more information check out the link below.


Good luck everyone!


  1. Eighteen dollars to enter a writing competition with a small prize for the winner seems far too much to me. What do other people think?

    1. Thanks for your comment Di. I agree the prize money is very low. Maybe the organisers need to think about bumping it up next year. However I think the value for new writers lies in receiving the judging sheets.

  2. Hi Sal,

    I've attended CYA too. The year I went John Marsden and Libby Gleeson both presented (among others). You can't get much more inspirational than that!


  3. Wow Vicki, that must have been a good one to attend. Lucky you!


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